One Million Burning

light a candle

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I spoke to you of when the world was young. I inspired the mind of humanity to care for the natural earth and its inhabitants. I walked with you along the road of restoration, to the place of reparation of wrongs. And now I call you out as citizens of Canada, to form an allegiance that would start with the lighting of just one candle. To reunite our country with the sacred, and bring unity of thought, purpose and direction.
When we are one, we are one million burning. 
When we can afford to do what is best for our children, they will thrive and be cared for. There are so many short-cuts, so much these days that is about what is quick and easy, but I call you to more: we must educate others as to what is humane and ethical, practiced methods of healthcare, and balancing to the soul and mind.
Will you come forward and be a part of a movement that is greater than the sum of its parts, based on care for the earth, care for humanity, and an environmental stance that is closest to the position of a debate on which there can be two sides. 
Light a candle today. Be one of the one million households who would say no to fluorescent lighting and return our ways to candlelight and light which imitates the full-spectrum of the sun. Be nourished by making just one decision to further the environment, your health, and the minds of youth. 
Emily Isaacson